Valentine’s Day mattress shopping tips for couples

Valentine’s Day mattress shopping tips for couples

Sleep is a precious commodity. Give your loved one the gift of comfortable rest this Valentine's Day.

Understanding how men and women sleep differently

Men and women have slightly different circadian rhythms, which means their natural sleep cycles may not always line up. The circadian rhythm is like the body's internal clock, regulating a number of internal processes, such as feelings of fatigue and hunger. This rhythm is affected by hormones and other internal conditions, as well as external stimuli like sunlight.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a woman's circadian cycle tends to be shorter than a man's, which means women tend to wake up earlier in the morning and get sleepy earlier in the evening. This claim may not be true for every couple, as external conditions also play a role in the sleep cycle. For example, the amount of morning sunlight in the bedroom may impact how long you're able to stay asleep.

In short, it's perfectly normal for two partners in a relationship to have different sleep schedules. This reality makes mattress selection even more important. You and your partner should both be able to get a restful night's sleep every day of the week.

A new mattress may help you and your partner sleep easier.A new mattress may help you and your partner sleep easier.

Choosing a mattress that's right for both of you

If you want to find a mattress that will make you and your loved one happy, you both need to try mattresses in person before you buy. It's tempting to order a mattress online as a surprise gift, but doing so could lead to discomfort. Just as you would want to measure your ring finger prior buying a ring, you'll want to test a mattress's comfort in person before making a purchase.

Even if you think you already know your preferred level of mattress firmness, try out a few models in store to make sure. Not only do our tastes change over the years, but so do our bodies. You may have preferred a soft mattress 10 years ago, but today you may want more support. As we age, our circadian rhythms change too, and you may be a lighter sleeper today. A sleep expert can help you make an informed decision.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with a new mattress

Remember, the average person spends roughly a third of his or her life in bed, so a new mattress purchase shouldn't be taken lightly. This Valentine's Day, give your someone special the gift of better sleep with a new mattress.

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