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How to keep your patio furniture looking fresh this season

Here are tips to help your patio furniture looking fresh this summer!

Here are tips to help your patio furniture looking fresh this summer!

Do you want to be the talk of the neighborhood with your engaging summer barbeque or backyard dinner parties? Will friends and family come visit you from all over the country? Maybe you just enjoy lounging in your yard with a glass of lemonade in hand? You'll need the right set of patio furniture to make all of these dreams possible this season.

While your outdoor furniture is designed to handle all kinds of summer weather patterns, each piece deserves a little TLC every now and then. If you want to keep your furniture looking fresh and as vibrant as the day you bought it, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

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Read the label carefully
Whether you have durable iron wrought tables or wicker chairs, you must read the manufacturer's instructions about how to clean your furniture. If you don't want to strip the color from your wood or cushions, first read the label very carefully. Just like you wouldn't begin cooking a new, complicated dish without glancing at the recipe, you don't want to ruin your patio furniture because you didn't take time to look at the care guidelines. 

Clean gently, not harshly
Like we mentioned, harsh chemical cleaners can strip the color or texture right off your furniture. Therefore, depending on the manufacturer's instruction, try to only do some simple cleaning through rinsing them off with a little cool water. If this doesn't work, mix a small portion of a gentle cleanser with a gallon of water and then lightly scrub the dingy or affected areas. Unless the furniture's label suggests it, avoid power washing or using any cleaners containing bleach or other abrasive substances.

Protect your cushions and furniture
After you clean off your patio furniture, you'll want to keep it safe all summer long. Just because the label says you can leave it outdoors doesn't mean you have to leave it unprotected. Apply a UV-resistant protector or water-repellant to keep your furniture from fading due to the harsh summer sun. Meanwhile, high-quality furniture covers are also ideal for protecting your cushions and furniture when they are not in use. This will protect the vibrancy of their color without significant effort.

If you have a storage container and want to keep your cushions looking fresh for years to come, consider storing them during heavy rains as well as sunny days. While they may be water-proof, overexposure to moisture may cause them to mildew or grow lumpy over time.

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