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Designing a positive playroom

Here are four tips to make a playroom a space for productivity.

Here are four tips to make a playroom a space for productivity.

Putting a playroom in your home is a great way to make your kids happy and give you peace of mind. Playrooms give your kids the space they might need to be more productive in their studies or hone their creative skills. Having a playroom in the house will give your children an area they can call their own outside of the bedroom.

As you begin to design the playroom, there are few things you should keep in mind. Here are four things that every playroom should have:

1. Space
What good is a playroom if there's no place to play? Make sure you pick a room in the house that has enough space for kids to play comfortably. Don't try to squeeze too many things into a room that's only a little larger than your bedroom closet. Choose a part of the house in which you have enough room to put a desk or table, at the very least. Try to think about your kids' hobbies as you select an area to designate as the playroom. If your kids are into model trains, you may need to account for enough space to build an entire train track, for instance.

2. Stimulating activities
Although it's a playroom, it doesn't mean that every activity completed in the room should be mindless. Try to put games and other fun activities in the room that require your kids (and their friends) to think. Check out puzzles, board games, logic exercises and Legos, for starters. Each of these activities requires some level of thinking and can benefit your kids.

3. Study area
In the same vein, it's a good idea to try to make the playroom a place your kids want to do their school work, too. Think about hanging a whiteboard or chalkboard for spelling and arithmetic practice for the little ones.

4. Storage
It's a good idea to teach your children about being organized. In a playroom, you can be creative with storage options. Utilize cabinets, chests or bookcases to store toys, games, stuffed animals and more.