An easy-to-follow guide to coffee tables

An easy-to-follow guide to coffee tables

Follow this guide to pick out the best coffee table for your living room.

Determine your table size

The first thing you should consider is the size of coffee table that will best fit in your living room. If you're completely redesigning your living space, it's best to choose your couch and media center first, as these larger pieces of furniture will determine how big your table should and can be.

To determine which size is right for your room, you'll need to take two measurements: the height of your sofa and the distance between your couch and TV. Your coffee table should be equal in height to your couch cushions, or an inch or two lower. Likewise, your table should be closer to the sofa than the TV, while keeping a comfortable distance from your knees as you sit down. Ashley Furniture recommended keeping your table between 12 and 18 inches from your couch.

Decide which table shape fits your needs

Most coffee tables are square, rectangular or round. Choose a shape that appeals to your personal aesthetics. If you have small children, consider a round table to avoid unnecessary bumps and scrapes from sharp corners.

If completely resdesigning your living room, pick out larger furniture before you decide on a coffee table.If completely redesigning your living room, pick out larger furniture before you decide on a coffee table.

Choose a material

Again, your other living room furniture will help you determine which materials your table should be made from. For instance, if your media center is wooden, it's a good idea to choose a wooden table. You'll also need to decide if you want a table with a glass or opaque top. If you pick a completely wooden table, use coasters to avoid rings of condensation. A glass top is easier to clean and less likely to stain.

Consider storage options

If you're short of storage space in the living room, consider a table with two levels. You can place wicker baskets on the lower level for additional storage. This is a perfect place to store your remotes, video game controllers, books, drink coasters and more.

Pick out additional decorations

Once you've decided on a table, it's time to decorate! To avoid clutter, add a serving tray or desk organizer. Other simple decor options include scented candles, doilies, coffee table books or floral arrangements.

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