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How to create a cool, cozy retreat from the summer heat

How to create a cool, cozy retreat from the summer heat

How to create a cool, cozy retreat from the summer heat

With temperatures already in the 90s, homeowners is Missouri need to think about how they'll stay cool during the warmest months of the year.

An indoor seating area is great for those days when it's too hot to enjoy the outdoors. But when the weather cools off a little, you'll want an accommodating patio area. Here's how to get the best of both worlds:

Extend your cozy place outdoors

If your home has a cozy sitting area near the door to your patio, it's the perfect opportunity to create an outdoor extension using durable yet comfy patio furniture.

For example, if your sitting area features a luxurious sectional, but is too far from the tantalizing outdoors, consider adding cushioned benches to your patio area. This way, your family can move between indoor and outdoor spaces as the temperature changes throughout the day.

When inviting friends over to enjoy a meal, you may find that your cozy space isn't as accommodating for large groups. An easy way to solve this, HouseBeautiful Magazine reported, is to utilize two rectangular tables. When it's just you and the family, a single table will suffice – and when friends arrive, you can push two tables together for a long rectangle that gives everyone plenty of space.

Be sure to add a tilt umbrella to maximize your time outside. Refer to our patio furniture materials guide to learn more about which pieces will last the longest with proper maintenance.

Create a cool retreat from the summer heat

To optimize your indoor comfort this season, consider a new leather sofa. Leather works well in an air-conditioned environment and holds up well to everyday wear and tear.

As home design expert Sherri Blum explained, "Making the investment in leather is always my No. 1 recommendation. You can't beat leather. You can spray Windex on it […] and it cleans up."

Leather won't absorb liquids like spilled drinks or sweat and is quite easy to clean. After a day outside, you'll love sinking into a plush, cool leather sofa.

Now that you're inspired to design a comfortable cabin, head to Arwood's Furniture & Mattress for the largest selection of Missouri furniture. Family-owned and -operated, our knowledgeable staff can help you find the best outdoor furniture for your needs.