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How to design a productivity-enhancing home office

How to design a productivity-enhancing home office

How to design a productivity-enhancing home office

Working from home is steadily becoming the new standard. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost a quarter of Americans – 24 percent – work from home in some capacity.

When you work from home, distractions abound. Kids, pets, internet and TV – a lot goes on at home that wouldn't distract you at work. You'll need to design your home office with productivity in mind to see the best results. Here's how:

Pick your colors

When you work from home, you need a space that helps you relax and enter a productive mindset. Color plays an important role in this regard, as Elle Decor suggested. Cool colors such as blue and green can help you feel calmer in the space – perfect for those times when deadlines loom in the near future.

Room color plays an important role in productivity levels.Room color plays an important role in productivity levels.

Store items for easy access

A productive office space should contain everything you need for the task at hand. Many professionals will likely perform most of their work on a computer, but they still need other supplies such as paper, pens and reference materials.

Items you use every day should be stored in your desk for easy access. Things you use infrequently can go in a bookcase or cabinet. Items that you almost never use in the office should go elsewhere in the house.

Home offices can easily become a catch-all for miscellany. A no-clutter policy will keep your room clean and your mind focused.

Choose a desk that suits your needs

At home, your office desk is the closest thing you have to a co-worker, so make sure the two of you get along. Professionals who rely on a desktop computer will need adequate space for their machine as well as a place for paper materials.

Consider whether you need a desk with drawers, or a simple, uncluttered table.

Add some greenery

Another key to a productive office space. According to researchers in the U.K., employees who worked in an office space that added plants increased their productivity by 15 percent more productive.

A fresh coat of paint, new office furniture and a few green plants could make your home office the most productive workspace yet.

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