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How to design your home office for maximum productivity

How to design your home office for maximum productivity

How to design your home office for maximum productivity

A home office should be a place of discovery, creativity and, above all, productivity. The home office furniture you choose will be a factor in how well you perform important work tasks. Since you'll utilize this space for years ahead, it's helpful to pick durable pieces that will provide satisfaction well into the future.

Here's how to create a home office that helps you boost your productivity potential:

The big pieces: Desks, bookcases and storage

The first step to designing a productive space is to take accurate measurements of the room. Before you can make any decisions, you need know how much space you have to work with. The best office has a place for everything without being too cluttered.

Next, ask yourself a few questions. Entrepreneur Magazine recommended the following:

  • What kind of work will I be doing here?
  • What type of equipment will I use?
  • Will I be using video conferences or other technology?

Use the answers to these questions to determine what kind of desk will best fit your needs as well as how much storage space will be required. You may need a small desk for writing or something larger for a dual-screen computer setup. You'll also need space for reference materials and office supplies. A bookcase with doors can provide ample space for all of your needs without contributing to clutter.

Ergonomics: A comfortable chair

A comfortable chair is extremely important, especially if you intend to spend a full day in your home office. Inc. Magazine noted that ergonomics are as important for your productivity as for your health. Whether you're more comfortable with a full-padded traditional home office chair or something with a slimmer profile, invest in a piece that's both durable and supportive.

Ambiance: Light and decorations

Once you have the base pieces, it's time to think about ambiance. For ideal productivity, you'll want to provide the opportunity for lots of natural light, in addition to a lamp that produces soft light that won't hurt your eyes.

Arrange your home office desk with all of the essentials, plus a few items to inspire creativity. Photos of your loved ones will remind you why you're working so hard. Inspirational images give you something to strive for. You may also want a plant for added vibrancy and freshness.

Don't be afraid to add a few fun distractions to your home office, too. Your brain needs small breaks throughout the day to stay sharp and focused on important tasks!

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