How to future-proof your entertainment room

How to future-proof your entertainment room

These days, technology evolves at lightning speed. In just the past decade, TVs have gotten slimmer, DVDs have all but disappeared and game controllers have gone wireless. Now, with the rise of virtual reality products, streaming services and smart devices, who knows what the entertainment room of the future will look like?

You might not be able to prepare for every technological change, but there are a few steps you can take today to future-proof your home for the coming years.

Prepare for smart devices

Technology may change rapidly, but it's clear that our devices are becoming more connected every year. A smart device, like your smartphone, is any piece of technology that connects to the internet. Many modern appliances already have smart features – fridges that display the weather, security systems that connect to a phone app – and you can be sure there are many more to come.

So what does this mean for your entertainment room? One thing is for certain – it should receive a clear signal from your home's Wi-Fi router. If your router is located in another part of the house, make sure there aren't any thick barriers between it and your entertainment room. You can download a free Wi-Fi analyzer from your app store of choice to see if your neighbors' signals are interfering with your own. If they are, consider changing the broadcast channel on your router.

Entertainment rooms should have a clear Wi-Fi signal.Entertainment rooms should have a clear Wi-Fi signal.

Invest in comfort

Even with the most sophisticated entertainment technology in the world, you'll find it difficult to relax if you can't get comfortable. Make an investment in some new sofas or sectionals to maximize your ability to enjoy the latest movies, music and games.

Remember, you can't judge comfort from pictures alone. Stop by your local furniture store to test the feel of a piece before you make a purchase. Plus, a local store can offer post-sale repair services that online retailers don't. Now that's future-proofing!

Utilize flexible storage

In the 1990s, people collected VHS and cassette tapes, in the early 2000s it was DVDs and CDs; now people stream movies and music, but collect vinyl records. Who knows what will carry our interest in the coming decades.

Savvy homeowners should consider media consoles with flexible storage, so when the latest trends go out of fashion, there's ample room for whatever is next.

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