5 spooky home decor ideas for Halloween

5 Spooky home decor ideas for Halloween

Is your home ready for the spookiest holiday of them all? Consider these five frightful decor ideas:

1. Painted pumpkins

Carved pumpkins don't last very long as decorations, so you should hold off creating your jack-o'-lanterns until it's closer to Halloween. But that doesn't mean you can't use these festive gourds to decorate your home. Use acrylic paint to create scary designs on small pumpkins and place them on your mantel or media console for a pop of color.

2. Haunted birdhouses

Buying Halloween decorations can be expensive, but you can save money by crafting your own! It's a great way to spend time with your children. You can pick up some wooden birdhouses at your local craft store and paint them black for simple haunted house decorations. Set them up on your end tables for a subtle yet spooky look.

Decorative pumpkins make great centerpieces.Decorative pumpkins make great centerpieces.

3. Candy centerpieces

Halloween isn't only about ghouls and ghosts – it's also about candy! If you bought a little too much to eat this season, you can use candy pieces to create unique centerpieces for your dining room table. Grab some foam cones and blocks from the craft store and glue candy to them in interesting patterns.

4. Pumpkin punchbowls

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy a glass – or two or three – of delicious apple cider. For a unique serving bowl, carve out a pumpkin and cut a wide hole in the top. Pour the cider inside, and you'll have a piece that's festive and functional. Plus, you can throw the makeshift bowl away when you're done. One less dish to clean!

5. Webbed chairs

To spook-ify your dining room, consider this neat trick: Find some affordable white slipcovers for your chairs and use safety pins to apply cotton cobwebs around the edges. If you don't want to keep the slipcovers for the rest of the year, you can use scissors to make them look tattered. Add a decorative spider to the back of each chair to finish the design.

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