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How sprucing up your home can help you get through the winter

Find new furniture and styles to keep your home feeling nice in the winter.

Find new furniture and styles to keep your home feeling nice in the winter.

It happens all the time: the winter strikes and you're left feeling uninspired .This is a sign that you need to change things up a bit, and there's nothing like modern home furnishings to help you do just that. You may spend a lot of time huddled up at home, so you should make sure it's a place you like to be.

Right off the bat, it might seem like you've got multiple problems to deal with: you want to feel comfortable while also getting through the dullness of the year's coldest season. Try some of these ideas for a that leaves you feeling fresh and full of energy, even when you're snowed in.

1. Consider wood paneling
Houzz recently listed some of the steps you can use to feel more rejuvenated this winter, but one of its biggest tips may come in what the source showed instead of said.

Two pictures accompanying the article show a room in a winter home with some sort of wood paneling around it, either in the texture of the floor, the walls or tables set up for candles.

If you don't already have finished wooden surfaces built into your home, try a table or chair to add a rustic feel. It can give you the sense that you're toughing out the winter in your own cabin.

2. Play with light
Overcast days can easily leave you feeling beat, and even when the sun shines, the amount of light flowing into a room is important. Try to vary it up for the right look.

Drapes and window hangings can create a muted effect, and interior lamps, candles or roaring fires are the stuff classic winter memories are made of.

Think about the way your lighting is distributed around the room and how your furniture might play into this. Do you have enough tables for your lamps, or seating to go around the fireplace? If not, it could be high time to change that!

3. Pick a new color scheme for your accessories
There's a lot to be said for the way colors can make you feel. In the midst of winter, you can take one of two approaches: colors that warm you up or colors that cheer you up. In fact, you could even try both!

Porch.com suggested subdued tones of red for a warming feel that suffuses through the room. For a bit of pep, Better Homes & Gardens recommended bright colors like pink and blue. In both cases, you can use the new colors as accents set against a bland background to make them stand out all the more and steal the show.

4. Don't be afraid of new materials
Staying comfortable in winter is all about what you like. Sometimes, though, it takes a little change from the norm to get that perfect relaxed feeling. If you've relied on the same textures year after year to keep you cozy, why not vary it up a little bit?

You can look for quality furniture in layered, soft coverings or a retro pattern you've never used before. Explore new styles and get to know the things you really like.

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