4 tips to help your toddler fall asleep on Christmas Eve

4 tips to help your toddler fall asleep on Christmas Eve

The excitement of Christmas morning is enough to keep anyone up, and children may have trouble falling asleep the night before. These four tips will help your little ones get a good night's sleep before the big day:

1. Wake up early on the 24th

An easy way to make sure your children are sleepy by bedtime is to ensure they wake up early on Christmas Eve. If your little ones have trouble getting up in the mornings, try enticing them out of bed with their favorite breakfast.

Throughout the day, try to limit naps to short periods, and avoid sugar when it gets closer to nighttime. Plan a few fun, physical games throughout the day to get out any excess energy. If your tykes are excited about Christmas, they may be more animated than usual.

Plan fun activities throughout the day to help your little one expend their energy.Plan fun activities throughout the day to help your little ones expend their energy.

2. Remind them of Santa's list

If your toddlers refuse to go to bed at the proper time, remind them of Santa's naughty and nice list. After all, only good little boys and girls get presents from jolly Saint Nick. Before bed, have your kids put out some milk and cookies for the man in the red suit. Once they're down for the count, you'll have a nice treat for yourself as you place the presents under the tree.

3. Stick to your bedtime routine

After you put out the treats for Santa, stick to your usual routine. Toddlers need structure, and the familiar habits will help get them in a sleepy mood. To prepare for a little pushback on Christmas Eve, try starting the bedtime rituals a few minutes earlier than usual.

4. Choose a comfortable bed

If your toddlers still sleep in a crib and show frequent signs of fussiness, it may be time to get them a big-kid bed. A twin size mattress is perfect for toddlers and will last for several years before it's time for an upgrade.

When you buy a bed for your little ones, bring them along to the store to test out different levels of softness. A sleep expert can help you pick out the best bed for a good night's sleep.

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